Mana Cube
Based in Paris, France

Founding date:
July 1, 2014


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Dungeon Monsters

16 rue Saint Maur
75011 Paris



Mana Cube is an independent game studio based in Paris, France. We create awesome adventure games for mobile platforms. Mana Cube was founded by Philippe Desgranges and Nicolas Godement-Berline, formerly founders of Kobojo and gumi Europe. Why the name "Mana Cube"? We believe everybody wants to have an adventure. This simple, powerful claim is what Mana Cube is about: a little bit of magic that you can take anywhere with you.


Who We Are

Philippe and Nicolas have been meaning to work together for many years. Philippe had an opportunity to hire Nicolas at Kobojo in 2011. Nicolas then had an opportunity to hire Philippe at gumi Europe in 2013. We stayed in close touch throughout that time, exchanging feedback on each other's games and sharing our points of views on the social gaming industry, so that it was a no brainer when the stars aligned with Philippe and Nicolas having left their companies at the same time.

Why We're Doing This

We believe that mobile can be an awesome platform for fans of adventure games. At Mana Cube, we start every game concept by picturing what a hit aimed specifically at Western players might look like. On PC and console, there is a long-lasting current of classic role-playing games. We intend to bring to mobile the emotional triggers set by these fantastic experiences, reinvented for the use case of a portable device with simple controls and pick-up-and-play gameplay.

Dungeon Monsters

With Dungeon Monsters, our first game, we realized dungeon crawlers were an unexplored route on mobile. We decided to bring back this classic vibe, with its typical direct combat gameplay combined with first-person exploration. Early Dungeon Monsters prototypes struck a cool nostalgic chord with playtesters, both to former players of such classic PC dungeon crawlers as Lands of Lore or Ultima Underworld, and what we call the "Pokemon generation", people maybe under 25 or 30 who grew up on monster collection mechanics. Incidentally, the first game Philippe ever programmed (at age 14) was a dungeon crawler. It was called Light Lords.



Dungeon Monster Trailer YouTube

Interview for No Life (French TV) YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Nominated: Best mobile game, best RPG, best story-telling, best indie game" - Game Connection America Development Awards, March 14-16 2016, San Francisco

Selected Articles

  • "Paris mobile startup Mana Cube emerges, ready to reinvent the dungeon crawler"
    - Jon Jordan, pocketgamer.biz
  • "A new mobile developer has opened doors in Paris, co-founded by the minds behind other successful mobile firms."
    - James Batchelor, Develop Online

Dungeon Monsters on Google Play
Download here : play.google.com.

Dungeon Monsters on iOS
Download here : itunes.apple.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Philippe Desgranges
CEO, programmer, game designer

Nicolas Godement-Berline

Ridha El Bekri

Damien Jeanmaire

Léo Lesêtre
Game designer

Sylvain Hellio
Freelance Sound designer

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