Dungeons, units, evolution, skills, power, events... it’s all a wee-bit confusing, isn’t it?
Our team of wise wizards put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the inner workings of Dungeon Monsters.

I purchased a Diamonds pack but didn’t receive it. What can I do?

Please contact our team of customer support elves at
Customer care is our drive at Mana Cube, in particular in the case of players who are kind enough to complete purchases in the game.

I logged on Facebook. Why can’t I retrieve my account on another device?

Connecting to Facebook allows our server wizards to retrieve your saved data when it’s lost, such as if you lose your phone for instance. Unfortunately, cross-play on multiple devices isn’t possible in order to enable players to enjoy the game while in offline mode, which we think is more useful.

If you would like to transfer your saved data to a new device, please send your request along with the user name and Ally code of both accounts to

Can I delete my save and start over?

We can do that for you. Please contact us at

How do you evolve a Unit ?

In the “Evolution” menu, choose between Metamorphosis and Star Evolution, and select your Unit. Some Units will need to be sacrificed to perform the Evolution, and it will cost large amounts of Gold too. Start saving!

What is a Metamorphosis ?

Metamorphosis is a type of Evolution that will transform your Unit into a brand new Unit, more powerful and visually mightier-looking. Morphed Units have a “+” next to their rarity label (R+, UR+, etc.). In the process, their power increases and they gain a Leader Skill. They retain the same Skill.

To perform a Metamorphosis, you will need Units that can be gained by playing the Story mode of the game, or found in the Ally & Crystal Summons.

A Unit may also increase in rarity through Metamorphosis: some U Units become R+ and some R Units becomes UR+

What is a Star Evolution ?

Star Evolution, on the other hand, increases the maximum stats of your Unit, and its Power. Stars are kept when morphing a Unit. Star Evolution looks simpler than Metamorphosis, but don’t let yourself be fooled: Star Evolution is how you’ll obtain true, raw power in Dungeon Monsters.

To perform a Star Evolution, you will need Evolution Materials that can be gained by playing the daily Events. Evolution Materials include Frogs, Snakes, Voodoo Dolls, Blazes and the elusive Mandrakes.

What does a Star next to DP or HP mean?

This Star signals a special talent of a unit. If they have a Star next to HP, their maximum HP will be higher compared to the same unit without this star.

But it is a double-edged sword: A Star next to HP means, that the DP will be lower at maximum level. So overall the units are still balanced and have the same power, but their HP/DP ratio is different!

Should I start evolving a Unit by Metamorphosis or Star Evolution?

Metamorphosis will yield the most immediate progress, as your Unit will immediately become much stronger. So if you are a young adventurer forming your first strong team, you should probably start with Metamorphosis.

However, since Star Evolution costs more XP as rarity increases, some players seeing long term will go through all 5 stages of Star Evolution first, and perform Metamorphosis next.

Where can I find the Evolution materials required to evolve a Unit ?

In the Evolution menu, hold your finger on each Sacrificed Unit to display the Unit card, and then tap the search icon on the right. A pop-up will tell you where to find this unit : in a Dungeon, in a Summon, or by evolving another Unit.

What is the difference between a Skill, a Leader Skill and an Ally Skill?

  • The Skill of a Unit is launched during combat. When a little "lightning" icon is displayed over a Unit, just tap the Unit's card to launch the Skill at any time.
  • A Leader Skill is an ability that affects every fight in the Dungeon. It does not need to be triggered, you just have to set your Unit as your leader, and the Leader Skill will be activated. Only morphed Units ("+") and L Units have a Leader Skill.
  • An Ally Skill is simply the Leader Skill of whichever Ally you selected to join your party before a Dungeon. Therefore, it also has effect over every fight in the Dungeon

  • How do you raise the Skill level of a Unit?

    Aha! A great mystery, finally revealed. When you fuse a Unit into another Unit that has exactly the same Skill, there is a random chance that the target Unit’s Skill level will increase. The rarer the Unit sacrificed, the higher the chance.

    What do those little letters mean: C, U, R, etc?

  • C : Common
  • U : Uncommon
  • R : Rare
  • UR : UltraRare
  • L : Legendary

  • Why can't I sell/fuse this Unit even though it's not on my Team ?

    It's probably on one of your other Teams. In the Team menu, swipe left or right over your current Team to navigate through your other Teams.

    How do I use Raid Tickets?

    As soon as you have completed a chapter in the campaign and found all hidden chests, you can use Raid tickets to help unlock the Bonus unit. You can also try to find a specific unit or get more experience to level up.

    How do I get Raid Tickets?

    Raid Tickets are free and refill daily up to a limit set by your VIP level. A basic user gets 5 free tickets every day. Use them wisely!

    Why does my opponent always attack first in the Arena?

    The order of attackers is determined by Initiative. Initiative ranges from 7 for very fast units to 3 for very slow units.

    This stat is proportional. If you have one unit with Initiative 7 and your opponent has one unit with Initiative 3, you will attack twice before he gets to attack once, since your Initiative is twice as big as his.

    If two units have the same Initiative, then it will be up to chance which unit attacks first.

    But always keep in mind: There are a lot of Skills and Leader Skills to slow down enemy monsters and raise the Initiative of your own units!

    Is there a calendar of special Events?

  • Monday: Fire Frog/Snake/Voodoo
  • Tuesday: Water Frog/Snake/Voodoo
  • Wednesday: Wood Frog/Snake/Voodoo + Medium Daruma Festival
  • Thursday: Light Frog/Snake/Voodoo + Mandragore Harvest + Medium Golden Pyramid
  • Friday: Shadow Frog/Snake/Voodoo
  • All week-end: Easy & Hard Daruma Festival and Golden Pyramid
  • Sunday : Mandragore Harvest
  • Crystal Mine: the Mine opens every 3 days at 6PM until 5AM
  • Blaze Inferno: one every day for 3 days (Medium, Hard, Extreme), then a 2 days break. Opens from 10AM to 5PM

  • Is there a login bonus?

    There is, you receive it in your inbox. You get the bonus for login several consecutive days in a row. The login bonus reset to day 1 if you miss a day.

    • Day 1 : 10,000 Gold
    • Day 2 : 20,000 Gold
    • Day 3 : 5 Diamonds
    • Day 4 : 30,000 Gold
    • Day 5 : 40,000 Gold
    • Day 6 : 5 Diamonds
    • Day 7 and all following days : 10 Diamonds

    How do I unlock the chained Bonus Unit in a Dungeon?

    To unlock the Bonus Unit of a dungeon, just find all the other Units in the red and blue boxes.

    I keep playing the same Dungeon over and over, yet I can’t manage to get the Unit I am missing. Why?

    Units are dropped randomly in dungeons in fights and chests, so just keep trying if you are looking for one in particular. It sometimes helps to move on for a little while and come back to it later.

    I don’t understand how Allies work. Help!

    The 5th unit (to the right) in your Team when you enter a dungeon belongs to an Ally. The stronger the Ally Unit, the better when you enter a dungeon. So you need to maintain an Ally list of active players who keep on playing the game to make sure their Units grow at a similar rate to yours, and help you in the harder dungeons.

    How can I send Ally Rings to my friends?

    Every time you use an Ally’s Unit (or the other way round), you both get 10 Ally Rings. Ally Rings are used to Summon more Units.

    I am playing on an Android system. Why does the game ask for a list of open apps?

    This is measure to prevent cheating. We will never collect personal information.

    Thanks for reading! If you have any question, feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer support elves at